Below are a number of key questions that you as CMHC representatives may have about the tools and processes associated with the Access Point and dispatch of mobile teams to a person in crisis.  These include:

What if I am having an issue with an interaction with the Access Point or have a question about the Access Point?

We have created a portal that you can use to submit your issue or questions!  Please follow this link:  Access Point Issues Log

These questions may relate to:

  • Dispatched out of region
  • Caller placed on hold unnecessarily
  • Caller sent to voice mail
  • Process took too long
  • Call taker unprofessional
  • Promised call back did not occur
  • Information sent for appointment was incomplete
  • No information sent for individual told to walk-in to CMHC for urgent appointment

What if I need to access the main New Hampshire OpenBeds website and Crisis Module?

Please use the following link to access the OpenBeds site:

What if I am having issues with my OpenBeds login credentials or need my OpenBeds password reset?

Contact your immediate supervisor as that person should have administrative permissions to take care of your needs.  If not, then please contact your OpenBeds System Administrator through or call (833) 275-2045.

Please refer to the most current Crisis Responder User Guide in the document library on the right side of this page for further information.  Below is the link and password to the OpenBeds video training:

OpenBeds video training

Access Passcode: eqAz3.yA (Please enter the Access Passcode by manually keying in the code)

What if I am having issues updating my availability in OpenBeds?

Please review the OpenBeds Crisis Responder Guide for information on checking in or out of the OpenBeds application to set or reset your availability.  If this does not answer your need, please contact the OpenBeds Administrator through or call (833) 275-2045.

What if I have an urgent need or issue that requires immediate attention after hours, but is not a crisis call?

These urgent needs might relate to:

  • A CMHC did not receive adequate information about a specific dispatch
  • An after-hours resource shows as not available but is in OpenBeds
  • An after-hours resource shows as available in OpenBeds but is not available

Please contact the Access Point directly at (833) 710-6477 to report the incident.

What if I have a question about billing or a process that has been prescribed/deployed by the state Department of Health and Human Services?

For those questions, please refer to the Q&As that are published bi-weekly by DHHS for your question.  If you have a need for further information, please contact DHHS for further information.

What if I have a question for NH DHHS in regard to billing, a state-issued policy, or other state-related documents?

Please send an email directly to DHHS at:

What if I need to access the Learning Management System?

Access the Learning Management System by following this link: